AJATT SilverSpoon

AJATT SilverSpoon is a new program that was recently released by Khatzumoto over at All Japanese All The Time (AJATT). The program is designed to take you from being a noob at Japanese to Japanese fluency in exactly 595 days. Obviously, if you meet your goal before that date, all the more power to you!

I’ve Signed Up!

For me, AJATT has always been a critical foundation of my Japanese studies. It gave me a different idea/approach to look at Japanese from. Hell, it gave me a different perspective on life in general. When AJATT Plus first came out, I signed up for it simply to promote and pay due to a blog that had taught me so much. While AJATT Plus is simply an *extension* to AJATT, I find it still worth it (and am still currently subscribed). So when AJATT put out the details on SilverSpoon, it definitely got me excited. When someone does something great (like creating AJATT), you become immediately interested in other things they produce, based on their history.

I’m Hooked!

So what exactly IS SilverSpoon?

Well, I don’t want to just give it all away as it’s not my place to do so, but first off head over here and check out what Khatz posted about it himself. I’ll go ahead and give you things from my point of view though.

Basically, it’s title is exactly what the product is. Khatzumoto puts a post out each day, telling you exactly what you need to do. By exact, I don’t mean that literally. For instance, the first section of his program is laid out to be all about getting an immersion environment set up. So, he’ll put up a link to a podcast and tell you to just download/stream it. He’ll mention to stop a few times a day, sit back, listen, and just let the language soak in. If a program (piece of software) is required, then he’ll suggest what to use as well.

It’s only been a few days into the program, so I can only tell you what I know so far, but eventually he will be going on to the Kanji + Kana, and then onto sentences, etc. It’s everything Khatz has always taught. However, he is there to tell you to do it each and every day. Currently I’m signed up for the $2.50 a day to give it a shot, and for me it’s worth every penny. Too many times I have lost focus, pushed myself too hard, or just simply slacked off. With the SilverSpoon program, I actually let Khatz do the worrying for me. I trust his judgment, but I also can see exactly where he is coming from and why he tells us to do the things he does.


So far I’m pleasantly enjoying the way things are going. I see myself continuing through this program for the long haul, even if I happen to reach my fluency date faster (or slower) than what Khatz predicts (the 595 days). I’ll be consistently blogging about my journey to Japanese fluency, and so I’m sure you’ll hear plenty more about what I think of the AJATT SilverSpoon program, both good or bad! πŸ™‚

Feel free to leave comments and questions about AJATT SilverSpoon or anything else! πŸ˜€

About Zyaga

I'm a Computer Programmer, though I have quite a lot of other hobbies and interests. You can usually find me studying Japanese, blogging, watching anime(for hours at a time), or possibly exercising. My brain runs rampant so I have to fuel it's fire by having many hobbies to switch back and forth from.

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  1. γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†οΌI hope you will continue to post about your progress with SilverSpoon.

    1. Oh, I definitely will! They will probably be similar to this post, where I try to give you the best idea I can of what SilverSpoon is and how things are currently going, but without just giving any of the content away. πŸ˜›

  2. haha a very nice post, not giving away too much about SS Ajatt.

    I’m still putting aside my current japanese studies (8 months) + AJATT SilverSpoon.

    Surprised you’re paying the 2.50 a day, but it’s well worth your money. I did the whole pay out, a dollar a day, not bad if I say so myself. Also to save me some money in the long term^^”

    I’m also planning to write about my own view/thoughts on it, without giving away too much info.

    Anyways hope to c ya around!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I don’t want to give stuff away, but I would like to give a clear/good idea as to what SilverSpoon is so far because it’s so hard to tell exactly what it is based off just the post/article about it. πŸ˜›

      That was actually why I signed up for the $2.50 a day, because I was unsure how it would work, what it would be like, etc.
      I’m probably going to to go for a little while longer at this price, and if all goes well, simply *upgrade*. ^^;

      I will definitely check out your postings/reviews about SilverSpoon too! Always interested in seeing things from another point of view. πŸ™‚

      1. haha very true. I guess at the start, I found it more about getting use to the environment and having fun! But he also states that the extra 45 days I think? was to just get you use to your environment, etc.

        Ah I see, I thought there was some difference at the start, until I took a closer look. Ah so still unsure? I find it a bit too easy for me, but it helps me in getting the equipment, sites that I need.

        I signed up for the monthly but khatz emailed me ( I emailed him earlier about wanting to pay the whole thing) and he gave me a link to a full paid membership.

        Thanks, just did a new post~ me too^^ looking forward to see how you’re progressing !

  3. Looking forward to the post You’re blog will now be another site that keeps me from other work. I feel Khatzu has been vague for the most part about Silverspoon. I have questions like does he just give you example sentences to SRS. does he literally tell you to learn these 25 Kanji today. and how he goes about building your vocabularly. In the end it would be cool to hear about statistics such as how many readings of kanji you know and approximately how many words etc. I’d like to know more details about how he goes about teaching without any specific examples but how he is feeding you.

    1. Can’t really answer those questions yet, because the first month or so is dedicated simply to immersion. So it’s things like I mentioned in the article. We are told to listen to particular podcasts or videos, as well as what software/tools to obtain, etc.

      Kanji learning doesn’t begin until the immersion setup phase is complete. I’ll be covering how he does things as we move further along. ^^;

  4. Even though I am pretty satisfied with what I am doing now, I still want to try this out. How long does each day usually take (minus the “soaking part”)?

    Does he begin the program at the phase you are at? Like for me I memorized 2000 Kanji + all Kana and I am now inputting and putting together sentences. I assume he would, but just curious.

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