Introduction to Google Hacking

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I recently just taught my first class on EduFire, called “Introduction to Google Hacking”. From the feedback I’ve been getting, people seemed to enjoy it, so I’ll continue teaching it. I don’t know about the future, but for right now, I’ve decided I’m going to make it free! Why? Because I believe this is information everyone should know!

Introduction to Google Hacking

What is Google Hacking?

Google Hacking is the process of using advanced operators in the Google Search engine in the effort to return more precise search results.


What will be covered?

In this class we will cover the following:

1. What is Google Hacking?
2. How to Build Advanced Search Queries.
3. How to use Google as a Proxy Service.
4. How to find Security Flaws using Google.
5. How to Protect Yourself from Google.

and more…

I bet you never knew Google could be used for so much!

Google Search is a lot more in depth than you think.


This class will be broken down into two classes:

Class One:

The first part of this series will cover how you can use advanced operators in Google Search to find exactly what you’re looking for rather than the boring old “normal search results”.

Class Two:

The second part of this series will cover how to use those advanced search operators to find a variety of security flaws out there on the web, proving how Google doesn’t only index the good, it can index the bad. Rest assured, you will also be shown ways that you can make sure Google isn’t indexing your sites security flaws or even just things you may not want out there for everyone to find.


All you need to bring is your self!

This is going to be quite a basic class, so no previous knowledge is required.

Tutorial: Minimal CSS Image Hover

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Text link hover are quite common, but becoming even more common is image link hovers. Why is this? Well, because you can make things look much nicer(cooler, cleaner, sharper, etc) using an image. Problem is that it can get messy with all the CSS that is involved if you don’t do it properly. I’m here to show you an easy way. Check out the demo if you’re not sure what I mean by Pure CSS Image Hover.


Live Learning/Teaching with EduFire

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One of the best things you can do for your self when trying to learn something new, whether it be a language or how to develop computer applications, is to join a class. But not everyone has the time, resources, or even money to do that. That’s where EduFire steps in! Teachers, you’ll want to check this diamond in the rough out too! They provide what you need to teach when you want, where you want, and for what you want($$$ 😉 )!