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Sentences 101 2

Sentences are a great way to learn Japanese, especially once you’ve already finished RTK (obviously, you should still be doing your RTK reviews! ;)). But it can be hard to know where to start or even where to continue after you’ve finished whatever sentence pack/book you started with. My method may not be perfect, but […]



Read the Kanji

Most of you probably already know about, but I’m going to explain to those of you who may not have started using it yet, why you should. There are a few reasons this site kicks ass and provides tons of motivation to continue on without getting too tedious.

How to find Japanese Media Online 1

Obviously, to make Japanese media easily accessible, you have to know where to get it. Over time, I’ve accumulated a few sites that I scour around every now and then. Though I already have plenty lined up for me to watch. I’m sure there are some great places I missed, but here are some of […]



XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

I’ve owned every (popular) game system, since the original Nintendo, at least once. Yet, I pretty much ended up getting rid of them all for PC gaming (except for DS and PSP). I prefer being at my PC playing games, so I can multi-task. Now I’ve finally bought myself a proper controller to play games […]