Linux RAR/7z/ZIP Cracking

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There are some decent RAR or ZIP crackers out there for Windows but for some reason there seems to be a lack of abundant Linux versions. This surprises me but I’m okay with it, because there is one that seems to handle quite a lot of the most common password protected files. It’s called RarCrack and it’s capable of handling RAR, 7z, and ZIP files.


RarCrack has some basic requirements:

  1. > glibc 2.4
  2. any POSIX compatible operating system [sorry Window$ isn’t]
  3. pthreads
  4. libxml2
  5. and finally: 7zip, unrar, unzip


RarCrack is very easy to install once you’ve met it’s requirements. Follow it’s simple outline of steps below:

  1. $ tar -xjf rarcrack-VERSION.tar.bz2
  2. $ cd rarcrack-VERSION
  3. $ make
  4. $ make install //make sure you are root when you run this command


RarCrack also has a very easy and intuitive command line interface to it. Here’s its command structure:

$ rarcrack your_encrypted_archive.ext [–threads thread_num] [–type rar|zip|7z]

Or a more “real” example would look something like this:

$ rarcrack pwd_file.rar –type rar

You don’t “have” to specify the –type but it’s best if you do, just to make sure RarCrack knows what you are working with.


So far there has been really only one issue I’ve been having when using RarCrack and technically it’s not a problem that RarCrack has, nor a problem RarCrack can probably solve.

If you happen to be running RarCrack against a really huge file, which I’ve rarely had to do but sometimes it comes up(don’t ask how), RarCrack is pretty much no use here and you simply have to give up on using it. The reason is that because the fundamentals behind RarCrack is brute force, and because of that, it tries extracting each time it’s trying to crack and thus it will always take too long of a time to keep trying. Again, this isn’t a problem with RarCrack, this is simply an issue of the file being too large.


To find out more about RarCrack as well as download it, head on over to RarCrack.

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