New Beginnings

Sunny Road

I would like to welcome you to the brand new website. As you can see it has had a massive overhaul in almost every way. The appearance, the code (theme), the purpose, etc have all changed. The entire site is being re-purposed.

New Purpose

The old was simply used as a blog for me to write about anything. I mostly wrote about Japanese actually, with a bit of tech / dev posts occassionally. But even then, the blog hadn’t been updated in a very long time. I’ve recently decided to give this site a new purpose as a way to reinstate it (bring it back from the grave). While it won’t resemble the old site much any more, it will hopefully serve a much better purpose. That purpose is to be more of a dev blog / portfolio / resume site for myself. Anything I wish to showcase, talk about in terms of development, etc will be shared on this site.

Where did the Japanese posts go?

However, if you’re one of the people who enjoyed my Japanese postings, don’t fret completely. I’m actually still going to be blogging about Japanese, just on a new blog site: アメリカ人 ( The reason for this is to keep my tech / development postings separate from my more frequent Japanese postings. The postings over at at アメリカ人 will be much more frequent but much more casual. Often times they won’t even necessarily be a real post, but instead a link to something I found worthwhile. Lastly, my old Japanese postings that were on this site have been migrated to that site so that none of the old posts have actually been lost.

That’s it for now! I just wanted to bring to light the changes that were happening and why. Be prepared to see more changes to this site and more postings shortly.

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