Work History

  • O'Neil & Associates, Inc. Application Engineer

    March 2010 – Present

    Developer for new company website

    • Utilized Smarty Bootstrap template to create a brand new responsive website.
    • Developed the backend of the site in ColdFusion using a custom router and template system.

    Intranet Developer

    • Created new intranet projects such as a new Quote Log, CR Tracker, etc.
    • Currently migrating the ColdFusion intranet over to PHP, Laravel, JQuery, and Bootstrap.
    • Originally migrated legacy CF6 code to CF11.

    Developer for Collaborative, Web-Based CMS

    • Implemented most of the UI components in JQuery and Dojo for the tree file/folder explorer.
    • Designed a JavaScript Garbage Collection system to clean up Dojo Tree nodes that had been opened and closed, after a set amount of time for better memory management.

    Developer for Internal IT

    • Developed PowerShell user password expiration reminder e-mail script (also notified administrators).
    • Developed a PowerShell script to generate webpages that showed how many licenses are available for each piece of software, who has a license checked out, and when they checked it out.

    Developer for Accounting

    • Recently upgraded Office InfoPath forms to Frevvo Forms which now are available remotely as well as on mobile.
    • Originally upgraded Office InfoPath forms (Expense Report, Purchase Requisition, and Travel Request) from 2007 to 2013 and modified them to heavily utilize C#.NET logic for complex calculations instead of being limited by the GUI “rules”.

    SharePoint Administrator

    • Set up new sites, managed user permissions, and diagnosed workflow issues.
    • Upgraded our internal SharePoint 2007 server to SharePoint 2013.
    • Themed and customized our internal SharePoint portal.
  • GE Aviation Technical Engineer

    April 2008 – March 2009

    • Developed software for data validation, acquisition, and display of engine tests.
    • Developed data validation software in Python that would parse data in an efficient manner using XML limit configuration files. Output was generated in two formats: File and Console.
    • Developed an intercommunication interface between outdated FORTRAN code and Python.
    • Developed a Python GUI configuration utility that made the operators job much easier.
    • Developed an encapsulated interface class that enabled anyone to pass data from a homebrewed data registry to our real-time data GUI.
    • Developed a process to implement the functionality of py2exe and PyInstaller to allow us to bind any Python script into a Windows executable.
    • Developed a PHP portal that allowed anyone to perform an auto complete AJAX search on data recently created by previously running engine tests to find the proper engine test cell site.
  • VerCom Systems, Inc. PHP Linux Programmer

    November 2007 – March 2008

    • Developed functionality that would scan and detect what VOIP phone’s existed in the vicinity.
    • Developed the ability for administrators to edit the phones through the LAN web interface.
    • Fixed many bugs to allow for cross-browser standards to exist so that web accessibility wasn’t an issue.
  • MeyerTool Inc. Ethical Hacker

    April 2005 – July 2007

    • Hacked into their website and network and then created permanent solutions to the holes found.
    • Created Man-in-the-Middle attacks to capture data between machines.
    • Hijacked printers, scanners, and various other network enabled devices.
    • Fixed Perl file and folder traversal flaws.
    • Tracked down E-mail viruses to single computers.
    • Installed and configured Debian Linux servers.
    • Diagnosed and fixed computer hardware issues.