UltraMon – Managing Multiple Monitors

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UltraMon is a utility that I’ve been for quite some time now. It’s becoming more and more common for people to use two or more monitors with their PC(or laptop) at home, and especially at work. Managing multi-monitor environments can be a pain. You have to move the windows around awkwardly, because you’re forced to actually drag the window over to the screen(and back).

Notice the icons on the title bar next to the Minimize, Maximize, and Close buttons.

UltraMon takes care of all these problems in a very easy and slick fashion. At the top of every window, two icons have been added next to the others(Minimize, Maximize, and Close), which allows you to Maximize the window across the whole desktop(Minimize it back to normal) or switch the window over to another desktop screen. These options are also available if you right click the window’s title bar. The ability to be able to conveniently move one window back and forth between screens so easily cuts down time significantly. It does so in two ways:

  1. It’s simply easier to just click the button rather then grab and drop windows(especially those that are maximized).
  2. It’s very annoying to have to drag windows around, and if you’re getting annoyed it probably means you’re gonna have a harder time doing your work(or multitasking while playing games 😉 ) effectively.

UltraMon has another feature that’s highly beneficial, which allows you to have a second Windows “Start Bar” on any of the other screens(or all of them at once! That’s how I have it. 😀 ). With this capability, when you move a window to a second(or third, etc) monitor, the menu item in the Start Bar, that is normally used to hide or display that window, is moved to the second Start Bar and disappears from the first. This is a bit hard to describe, as the picture will offer a much better representation of what I’m trying to get across.

The last feature that I’m going to mention, simply because there are too many great features to talk about, is the wallpaper manager. UltraMon gives you full control over your wallpaper for all monitors. For instance, you take one large image and have it kind of spread across all the screens, or even better(in my opinion), you can have a different picture for each and every screen! I love this feature, it allows me to maintain many neat pictures along my screens but without forcing me to choose just one.

Check out UltraMon here: UltraMon. It does cost a bit of money, but very little for all the features that you get! There is also a trial version that you can use to experience the joy of being able to manage your multi-monitor environment effectively.

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