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I’ve been playing a few different games off and on lately. I just finished Devil May Cry 3 a while ago. No reason in particular that I played it. It just happened to be sitting there and I happened to want to beat something but as I got further into the game, I began to notice something: “This game just doesn’t compare.” That’s the phrase that kept coming up in my head. Sure, the action was great and the story line wasn’t so bad either, but it just doesn’t compare.

Compare to what, is probably what you’re thinking and I’ll tell you: Final Fantasy. That’s right, I said it. I know it’s been brought up before from its huge fan-base that swears on nothing but those games. I’m not like that. I’m definitely no fan boy. However, I did play quite a few Final Fantasy games. The most memorable FF game for me was Final Fantasy 7, followed by FF8 and FF9. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all of the Final Fantasy series but those were just “special” for me.

It honestly isn’t about the Final Fantasy games themselves, those just happened to be my most memorable games. It’s the lack of “awesomeness”, as I like to put it, that is depressing. There were other very impressive games back in the day. For instance Chrono Trigger on SNES was killer and so was Tomb Raider on Playstation 1. If there are those of you out there who just let out a gasp/sigh when you suddenly remembered those long lost forgotten games, know that you are not the only one.

The games back then were just “better”. There is really no other way to put it. Graphics are the only advantage we have nowadays and that isn’t what makes a game a GOOD game. The ability to recall a games moment as if they were your own is what it’s all about and I feel sorry for those of you who(for some unknown reason) didn’t get a chance to experience those feelings. For instance, in Tomb Raider where you control Lara to walk down a hall inside the mansion and dogs burst through the windows. That was first time I ever really thought “Oh shit!” seriously in a game. For me, in Final Fantasy 9 it’s when you’re up dancing on the stage and in Final Fantasy 8 it’s when you’re at the plant that’s about to launch the missiles.

Why do I remember these things? It’s because the game was developed so damn good that I was drawn into the game so much that it was as if I was there myself. That, in itself, is the definition of a truly amazing game. The whole question is, “Where does that leave us now?” What I mean is that now is the day in which games like that are very rare to find. If you’re one of “those”(yes, I’m bias when it comes to gamers >_>) types of people who believe there are many games that offer quality just as good as the games in the past and give such references as God of War, Devil May Cry, etc, then I feel horribly sorry for you because you never did really experience the games of the past like the rest of us.

There are so many games I could bring up such as Resident Evil when you’re fighting the zombie looking dogs or Silent Hill when you’re beating the shit out of Pyramid Head with a pipe(at least, that’s the weapon I used on everyone ^_^)! The fact that there are so many games I can easily mention proves how frequently great games were made back then.

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