A developer with a passion for breaking things.

My name is Drew Kochanowski and I like to break things as much as I like to make things.

Latest Work

Here's a glimpse at one of my recently completed works.


Rincs is a freelance illustrator currently residing in Japan! She likes reading books, playing video games, and of course – drawing! She works with both digital and traditional medias (watercolor, pencil, charcoal, airbrush, ink…)!

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How I Work

Responsive Design

In today's age you don't know what kind of device will be viewing your content. More than anything, it should be usable on all of them.

Readable Code

Clean code is important because you're not only writing it for others, you're also likely writing it for future you. Future you will thank you later.

Secure Code

To write secure code that protects against buffer overflows, directory traversal, sql injection, etc you have to understand how they work.

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