What is www.Zyaga.com:

Zyaga.com was created for the sole purpose of allowing Zyaga to throw all of his ideas and knowledge up onto the internet so that he’ll always have records of it, as well as be able to present the information to his friends, with little effort. The content solely comes from Zyaga, and is based only on opinion, not fact. This is simply a record of history as Zyaga continues to try to progress forward in his endeavors.

This blog came to life because I had been talking with my cousin Jon about how many bizarre topics we end up on all the time. Though he mentioned it a lot, I never really acted on the idea. What set it off was one IM conversation that I basically summed up. It was what Jon said, so I turned it into sort of a “quote”, if you will. Here it is, an exact quote, no planning of any kind :

I literally, everyday, have no clue what you’re going to say from day to day
From the ghost of a dead woman haunting the engine of your car….
To the exact timing of Armageddon, the event, not the movie
How many slices of turkey you like on your huge, under $5, sandwich
Your un-dying, almost murdering, desire for Thai food
Your 15 different ways to call yourself the joker…
Your daily “odd deaths” reports…
The funny part is, you don’t even make this stuff up, it’s really you!
You really keep me guessing Drew….
God must love you, cause He really tried something new when He created you…

Who is this “Zyaga”:

Zyaga’s real name is Drew Kochanowski. Drew conjured up the handle “Zyaga” somewhere around the year 2002-2003. Ever since then he has used it as his main identity all across the interwebs. Many people have asked what the name means or what the name was taken from, but the answer is quite simple: It was made up. “Zyaga” means nothing to anyone other than Drew, and it wasn’t based off of anything else. Don’t believe that to be true? Look it up, you’ll only find accurate information relative to Drew(except for those damn spam sites that have stuff like “z yaga”, that really just have incoherent nonsense on them).

What if I disagree with some content found on www.Zyaga.com:

Everyone is more than welcome to disagree with any, and all, content found on any of Drew’s sites. If you happen to have some insight that might prove of some use, and you’re able to do so in a rash and pleasant manner, please feel free to either submit a commit or contact Drew privately via E-mail.

What are some things Drew takes interest in:

When not indulging in blogging, Drew can possibly be found doing one of the following:

  1. Ethical Hacking/Security Penetration Testing
  2. Developing Software
  3. Watching Anime
  4. Playing Video Games
  5. Martial Arts

What is Drew’s Profession:

Drew is a Computer Programmer, Web Developer, and Ethical Hacker. Drew worked as an Ethical Hacker for roughly two and a half years at a past job where his goal was to infiltrate the company’s network and website in various ways, then find a solution to each hole that was found.

This page will contain a photo eventually. ;)