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A developer with a passion for breaking things.

My name is Drew Kochanowski and I like to break things as much as I like to make things.

I'm a full-stack code junkie who has worked in the industry for almost 15 years. My background in security gives me a unique perspective. My passion for learning new things fuels me. Let me burn bright for you.




Content should be responsive, accessible, breathable, and easy to digest. In other words, I like to make things pretty.

Being a full-stack developer means I have the freedom to build a coherent structure between the design, code, and data.

In today's world, a focus on security is no longer optional. Not understanding how to break code means not understanding how to protect it.

I design

Apps, Websites


Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Laravel

I like to work with

  • Docker
  • Git
  • Linux
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • VSCode

I like to code in

  • HTML
  • CSS / SASS
  • JS / Vue.js / Nuxt.js
  • PHP / Laravel
  • Python
  • SQL

I like to learn about

  • Buffer/Heap Overflows
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Directory Transversal
  • Man in the Middle
  • SQL Injection
  • Wifi Cracking

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Some nice things people have said

Mandy Bayman

“The website Drew created for my professional portfolio exceeded my expectations! The site is intuitive to navigate, fast and showcases my work clearly. His creativity, attention to detail and technical ability resulted in a portfolio that really breaks through the clutter and attracts the attention I was hoping for from potential employers.”

Mandy Bayman

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